Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Sleep- where art thou

Sleep  - precious sleep. It's a thing that I haven't had much of the last 6 years. The funny thing about sleep is, it's one thing your body just doesn't get use to. It's  not like running or dieting- where you can train yourself to do or not do something . You need sleep and it's a huge factor in your - *cough* MY day.  This last week had been bad, and last night was the worst . 

  I found this quote a while back on Pintrest and I just love it and it helps me get through those nights and the days after. 
   "You are my favorite reason to lose sleep over." 
 So as my daughter calls my name at night, my hubbies alarm goes off at 3:50 am for work, and my little guy wakes up to go potty and turns the bathroom light on which then blares in my room- I think of this and try and pray for my attitude . They really are so worth it.  And more reminders to be thankful - right?;) 

 Here is a little from our week so far:
Peys black kitty pumpkins 
Best daddy ever ❤️
Me with my little sleep stealer 😘
Pey writing in class
Logan play street football with his church buddy
And this really cool quote that fits in my life right now!

Sunday, October 26, 2014

A little bit of my heritage

I finally found them!! These precious little homemade scripture signs that my grandmother made so long ago. I grew up reading these all along her laundryroom closet. Little did I know how precious these were to her and would one day be to me. My Grandma June could sit and share her life with just about anyone and it would most likely start with coming to Christ in her 20's and finish off with her telling you how she built and designed her home that she currently lives in, so that it has a big open space for a big round table- just so she can host bible studies 2 times a week. The lady just adores gods word and knows the power it has to change lives. And she loves teaching it!
  As an adult, I have learned to cherish his word, just as my grandma and parents have shown me my whole life. 
 I'm so thrilled to put these up in my home and have my kids grow up reading them everyday. What a precious godly heritage to have been passed on.
My grandma and grandpa Sousek- probably very close to the age they were married
Grandma June out reading her bible at my brothers wedding in august❤️

And the award goes to...

Logan Motsinger- voted most improved by his 3rd-4th tackle football team! He jogged up to get his award and with a huge smile on his face, jogged back!  Proud of you bud. 

Saturday, October 25, 2014


Slow Cooker Beef Brisket French Dip Sandwiches |
 Can I have this for dinner tonight PLEASE???? Looks AMAZING!   Photo credit to:

FALL-ing all over.

   As my last post said, we have been busy. But a very good and fun kind of busy! Logan was able to join the youth tackle football team this year. So we have been traveling every Saturday to watch our little man play. He learned so much and will actually be receiving an award tonight! His team voted him "Most Improved." He is gonna be so pumped!

 Logan has worn his jersey to school 3 days this week because he is in mourning that the season is over. Little love. 
   Peyton decided to take Ballet this year. It is crazy what one year difference can make for a kid. She makes it through her entire school day and can finally add some activity after school as well! (still has to go to bed pretty early:) ) This has really been fun for Peyton. She is looking forward to Basketball in November.

Both kids had field trips to the Pumpkin Patch. I was able to tag a long with both of them. It is so neat to watch them interact with their classmates. Fun seeing them be the sweet little people that they are!
 Jason spoiled me and got me my new favoritest new sweatshirt. So far our Broncos are doing very well this season. Always fun being a Bronco:) Especially with Peyton Manning as our lead man!
My cleaning business is plenty busy but not so busy that I can't be home with my littles after school everyday and make time to go on field trips. I really feel my calling is being a wife and mom and adding anything else is always extra. So thank for the life the Lord has given me.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Just breathe

Busy- today was busy- really the moment school started again , we've been running like crazy! I'm burnt out right now and plum tuckered out to the bone! But with that said, The Lord is teaching me how to look at everything with this attitude of gratitude ! My mother in law offered to have my kids today and tomorrow afternoon while I clean! (We have this random week off here in Tillamook). What a blessing for the kids and for me!
  Both of our kids had parent teacher conferences the last couple of days and both kids are doing ok! One kid is at the top of the class ; the other closer to the bottom ! Parenting can be so humbling at times but the most important thing to me is that my kids know Jesus as their savior and do their best at whatever task is before them!  It was so fun having Jason run in right as Peyton's conference began- her little eyes lite up! What a huge blessing to have a husband who works so hard for our family but is also always there for us when we need him! Whether he is out playing football with Logan and the entire neighborhood or being Peyton's student as she plays school or just folding the towels that are constantly filling up our basket! No joke- the man can fold❤️
 We are so busy- but we are so blessed!  Taking the time to stop and just breath and thank The Lord for all of it!! Does the soul some good.