Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Weddings...I love weddings!!

So my dear friend Courtney got married this last Friday! It was a totally perfect and beautiful day! One thing I just love about weddings is the awesome reminder of what God has chosen for me in my life! God called me to be Jason's wife! And I LOVE IT MORE then anything other then being a mommy. Jason is amazing. As pastor Dean talked about the qualities of a good husband...everything he said Jason resembled! Especailly when he talked about Husband's treating their wives as if they are a precious or fragile jewel. Not because they are weak...but because they are PRECIOUS! Jason soooo treats me in this way!

I love weddings...I love marriage...and I love Love! Congrats Bobby and Courtney...may God bless you marriage as he has mine. And may you always keep Christ the center of your marriage!!! It will keep your marriage wheel turning!