Saturday, February 11, 2017

Losing Stinks and thats ok.


This season, Logan finished out his basketball season without winning a single game. All season long I would tell my sweet kiddo, "you learn so much more from losing than you ever do from winning." This is something I truly believe but frankly, losing stinks. Like makes your heart ache game after game when you have played your heart out and still go home without that big W.  Last night the boys were trying to win their first play-in game, just to make it to the fun tournament that was going to be happening at the Jr high today.  After playing so hard and Logan falling on his already hurt elbow half a dozen times, the game ended in another loss and my  5'8, 11 year old boy was in tears. He was devastated. For a few hours after  I was like...."
come on buddy, toughen up....keep those tears in. Don't forget, you learn so much more from losing than winning...blah blah blah......" Never once last night  did that boy complain about not winning. By the time we got home his tears were dried and he grabbed an icepack to place on his swollen and purple elbow. Then he started asking what time the first game of the tournament was in the morning. He didn't want to miss any of it.  Makes me tear up just thinking about it. You see, my boy just wanted to go and be apart of it and cheer his buddies on. He was happy for all of them. He was gonna go to that tournament not as a player but as a fan and supporter for his people.
  He was at my bedside at 7:35 am dressed and telling me he was  finishing up his chores so that he could head over for that first game. He gave me a big hug and smiled with pure and true joy beaming from those pretty blue eyes of his.
  What a wonderful lesson for his mama. What wonderful preparation for life for my kiddo.
 Frankly, there will be so many times when we lose at every single thing we do. Times when we spill water all over table with some new buddies that we are just getting to know.(Oh yea...there I am ;) ) There will be occasions when we are not pick first, over and over again whether it is in work, in friendships, ministry opportunities, and in other situations.  Its ok to shed those tears and then pull ourselves up again and go and cheer our people on from the sidelines.  Being behind the scenes use to be a humbling position for me as well. But I am learning to love it, to appreciate it, and to grow from it. Because, after all, you do learn more from losing than you EVER will from winning:)

Above is Logan sitting by his friend Sam(who beat us last night.) Sam told Logan he was sorry they beat them last night. What a sweet kid:)  Bottom pic is Logan shooting hoops with his people ❤️