Thursday, September 16, 2010

This is the Cool way to do it, Mommy

Logan was all ready for school his first day, I asked Logan to put his backpack on and then we would be all ready to go. He then insisted, "mommy, I will put it on, but only ONE strap. It's the cool way to do it" I thought it was so precious, I asked him later where he heard that and he said from his favorite movie. Such a silly boy. But everyday, he does the same thing, only one strap. Cracks me up!!! He LOVES school. Logan got a Good Work Award this week and he was so proud. It said he was a great friend and a hard worker at his math table. I was super thrilled.
Logan would go every day to school if he could but I am so thankful he is only going 2 days a week. This mama's heart isn't ready for full time yet. I did make it through his first day without crying, and but I had a friend say to wear sun glasses that day, just in case my eyes were all red and puffy.....thankfully my eyes weren't because it was SUPER rainy that day and no SUN in sight! lol
So I have to just LAUGH and GIGGLE about the bottom picture. I had a hard time getting peyton to stay OUT of the picture, trying to capture Logan's first school experience but more then anything, I thought it was so sweet that she wanted to be in all the pictures with him. My brother MJ and I have a picture similiar to this on his first day of Kindergarten...though I was nearly as tall as him(since we are 21 months apart) and I was posing my little gymnastics outfit. These days are so special. I am cherishing my time with Peyton but so excited for the new stage for Logan, too. Look out little Motsingers are growing up!