Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Baby shower, Best friend, and Bubbly prego pics!

This weekend was super fun! A few of my AWESOME friends threw me a special baby shower! It really was such a fun time! I have such beautiful and entertaining, family and friends!!! Zoey got lots of wonderful gifts that I am super thankful for! I am for sure feeling way more ready now for this little girl!:) She is going to be dressed soooo darn cute with all the sweet little outfits I recieved;)

I had a wonderful time with my best friend Amybeth! She came down before the shower, and we got some much needed Amybeth and Krista bonding time! Of course, we never get enough anymore, having little ones but I cherish every bit that we get, because it doesnt happen very often!
Then our day ended with my sister in law Laurie taking some 7 month pregnancy pics! Jason and I wanted some good pics of us taken before little Zoey arrives...so Laurie was willing to take a few super sweet pics of us! Thanks Laurie!