Thursday, May 22, 2008

Meme...just for you Leanne

So I have nothing else to blog about at the moment so I will do a meme!:)

5 THINGS IN MY BAG: cell phone, wallet, lipstick(can't leave home without it, calendar, and gum!

5 THINGS I'M INTO: Right now?? Well...potty training Logan;), getting Zoey's room ready for her, dieting, working out, and learning to save money better!
5 THINGS IN MY ROOM: My bed, of course:), lots and lots of CLOTHES, my computer, my wedding pictures, and bathroom, lol;)TO the side of the bedroom that is;)
*5 THINGS I HAVE WANTED TO DO: finish having my babies, lose the baby weight;);):) Put a yard/fence in at our new place, Honestly....draw closer to the Lord, and become a better friend
5 PEOPLE WHO SHOULD MEME: Laurie:) Um...I don't know who else reads this;) Anyone bored;)