Thursday, February 28, 2008

In our new home!!!!!!!!!

I am so excited to be sharing that we are officially new home owners:):):):):):):) Yesterday was just a crazy day for us. Logan didn't sleep much the night before and so that meant that I didn't sleep much either. Logan is fighting a nasty cough right now and just isn't feeling like himself...poor little guy. Anyways....I was just so tired yesterday. I was trying to get my old house all cleaned up by myself so that Ryan and Morgan wouldn't have much to do when they moved in that night and man...I just had NO energy by the time I made it to my new house. BUT...once I sat down on my bed and looked around at my new made my super tiring day all worth it!! I love our new house. JUST love it. It is totally unorganized and pretty much all of our belongs are still out in the garage but what the heck...I can live like this for a while if I have too:) Just being in this place and knowing I don't have to move again, ever;) is awesome to know. My mom and dad are helping me get some more things put out tomorrow and Amybeth is such a good friend...she offered to come help me Saturday!! What would I do without my amazing family and friends. My mom, dad, and sister in law Laurie helped me soooooo much this weekend....I felt so special that they would give up their day for me:) Plus Ryan and Jason tag teamed it on Saturday so was a huge blessing as well. Oh, and get this. My beautiful sister in law Morgan came by last night:) My very first visitor:):) She is over 6 1/2 months pregnant...and super duper cute. She is the one who just moved into our old house:) Anyways...she was like...can I help you with anything at all? I was like are the sweetest thing!!! Not only is she super pregnant but she is moving into her own place and offering to help me. What a sweet sweet girl she is:) Of course I said thank you but there is no way I would allow her to help me;):) But it was the thought that she was SOOOO willing to help me! I just love her.
We went and bought paint for the living room and kitchen today and Jason starting a little painting! I surprised him and bought him Guitar Hero for his PS3. He as pretty excited about that!!
It was just beautiful today here in Tilly town. Logan played outside and we meet one of our neighbors and some kids she babysits. And as we both played in our front yard...tons of young families were walking around the neighborhood, so we were able to say hello:) SO many kids in our neighborhood. I am just so excited for Logan to have TONS of friends here:) We are so blessed.
Well...I will post more pictures soon once I can find everything and put my computer together!!! Just wanted to update everyone:) The picture of our new house is at the bottom of my blog page if you havent' seen it yet:)