Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Few More Hoopfest Pics!

I couldn't resist, I had to add a few more Hoopfest pics!!! I did capture one pretty Lady:) This is the gang minus, Morgan and Anni, and Sarah and the kiddos!
I had to put this picture because I asked Reece to pose and he said he wanted to be under water for the pic:) Notice him in the back, under water;)

Logan showing off his new outfit from Aunt Sarah!!!! Thanks SARAH!!!!

Above is Logan with his sweet little Cousins sharing Snowcones. Logan is soooooo dirty! That's what being a boy is all about:) Below is Logan enjoying his movies on the way to Hoopfest! Thank goodness for portable DVD players.
Below is the kiddos trying to stay cool. These nice guys kepted giving them otter pops. They were so generous. Of course, who could resist this cute kids:)
I did have one photo Jason took of me on the way to Hoopfest. Don't you love my driving shades? LOL!
This is Logan sleeping on our LONG walk back to our car. He was so tired. But really, All of our kids did such a great job that day!!! We are all blessed with wonderful kiddos.

Hoopfest and Other Fun Summer Adventures!

This summer we have been trying to take Logan to the beach as much as Jason and I can possibly take him. He LOVES THE BEACH!! Daddy makes him sandcastles(there is a pic below) and Logan stomps on them. Totally makes it for a fun day!
While I cleaned houses the other day, Jason surprised me and cut Logan's hair. Now, usually he needs me because Logan FLIPS out with his hair gets cut. He hates the little hairs falling on him while daddy uses the shaver. This time to get Logan distracted, Jason drew a Ninja Turtle on a trashbag and let Logan color on it too. Amazing what will make a child happy:) His hair cut turned out perfect too:) Thanks Daddy!
This weekend 3 other families and our lil' family headed to Spokane WA for Hoopfest, a 3 0n 3 b-ball tourney! Michael and Sarah's fam, Reuben and Monica's fam, Ryan and Morgan's fam, and us. We had such a blast with everyone! As Sarah said, we felt like we just went away for the weekend with friends, not family! Thats how much we all love each other;):) Here is a pic of Reuben, Mike, and Jason. Ryan was there too but some how missed this pic.
We walked FOREVER trying to find our hubby's b-ball court. Hoopfest is the HUGE TOURNEY that shuts down all of down town Spokane and they make courts in parking lots and roads.After we finally found the court we let our kiddos rest up a little. Then right after our men's first game, we had a few hours to take all the cutie pies to a park and sweet Monica treated the kids to snowcones! Yummy! Especially since it was probably 97 degrees that day! Us coastal people aren't use to that;)Logan got to swim 3 days in a row, which he loves to do. He loves being in the water!!! We felt blessed that everyone shared their pools with us! We got a hotel that didn't have one! So thanks for sharing guys!!!! You made my little guys trip super special!
Sadly, I don't really have a picture of us lovely ladies. For one, we were always the ones behind the camera, I did get a cute one of Sarah but she may not have wanted me to put it on the website...she may know why, lol:) I will send the pic to you Sarah and see if I get approval;) And I don't know how I didn't get one picture of little Anni and Morgan. Next year I will need to be a better picture taker. Plus, I won't be 7 1/2 months prego....so...I may be more willing to be in some pictures, lol!
Here's a shot of Logan about ready to stomp on daddy's sand castles!!!

We had such a great time at hoopfest that we have already booked our hotel rooms for next year!!! Such a fun thing to look forward to again next year!!!!