Saturday, March 22, 2008

What a Fun Easter Afternoon.

I know it isn't even Easter yet but today was our "false Easter day" Meaning we had fun celebrating it with the bunny and eggs and stuff. But tomorrow...we will celebrate the real reason for Easter....Christ's death, barrel, and resurrection! What a victory, we have in Jesus.

Today we went down to my old Highschool for their annual Easter Egg Hunt. We got there like 2 minutes late and that was obviously a big mistake......all the kids were already out and grabbing all the eggs in we were all a little disappointed. Then on our way out, a lady was talking about a Treasure Hunt in Pacific City where kids had free face painting, pics with the Easter bunny, and we went store to store getting little stamps that allowed us to be put our names in some drawings for some cool stuff. So...we decided...what the heck...lets give it a try. Michael and Sarah had their kids and Jason and I had Logan and we ventured down to PC. WHAT at fun day!!! The kids got TONS of eggs and candy and gifts!!! We had a blast! And the weather was just perfect!!!!!! The kids even played on the beach for alittle while!

What a blessed day we had. We spent it with wonderful family and friends!!! I love days like this!!!!