Saturday, April 24, 2010

Our FABULOUS new routine!

Since Logan was about 2, and he use to ask me every morning when he woke up, "Turtles?"(one of his first words) and point at the tv, we've pretty much turned the tv on first thing in the morning. Frankly, it gave me a chance to catch some extra, MUCH needed ZZZZZs. BUT for the past month, my kids have NOT been watching any cartoons in the morning-(UNLESS it's a morning I clean houses.) This has been the most amazing thing for my little buggies. Logan will lay on my bed for HOURS....and I am not JOKING...HOURS and play with a stack of toys like above. The child has a FABULOUS imagination and I love hearing his little played out stories. He cracks me up. And still gives me time to sleep a little more, get my work out in, and shower! It's been simply AWESOME!