Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Just like his daddy

So, I have NEVER been creative...Never. I can make some cute cards, make a mean batch of choc. chip peanut butter cookies, and scrub me a pretty looking toilet, but creativity...that is just not me. My husband on the other hand...He is soooooooooo creative. And you who know my Jason, know what I am talking about. When I first starting hanging around this Motsinger Family, I was always amazed at the things the boys would make up to keep themselves busy. Now, I know that my son is taking after them. I was watering our yard the other day and Logan runs in the the house and yells, " Mommy, I finally know how to use my Spiderman umbrella.." He grabs it and runs for the sprinkler. When it comes to summertime, I am usually all game for getting wet. Plus, it was so darn cute, who couldn't let him do it;) Peyton even wanted in on the fun.
Peyton and Logan have been soooooooooooo enjoying his little tent this summer. Inside and out...the giggles that those to give out....melts my heart.