Monday, December 15, 2008

Merry "Elfin" Christmas!

Enjoy our family Christmas Card:) Logan enjoys watching it and doing the finger disco move! So stinkin' funny! Click on the link above!

Our Christmas Traditions!!

Growing up my parents made CHRISTMAS so much fun. My mom was wonderful at doing projects with us and my parents always enjoyed cozying up with us and watching Christmas movies. This past week we started up our traditions in our small little family. We painted some Christmas ornmanents, decorated our tree, put Christmas lights up outside our house and all over the inside of our house, we made Christmas cookies for our Youth Group party, and we did our yearly ginger bread house...but this year we did a ginger bread train:) I have boughten a kit the last couple years but next year I will probably have to do it from scratch since we will be adding one more kid to the mix! We have had so much fun! Every night we have been reading this book called, J is for Jesus. It is a little Christian story about the candy cane. Logan almost has it memorized. In fact if you ask him..."Logan, Jesus was born on Christmas and later died on the cross...then what did he do? He will say, " He rose again and he is a ive." Such a special time in a child's life. They are soaking so much in at this age!! We just keep feeding him Jesus:)
Everynight last week at 7pm Logan and I turned a Christmas movie on and cuddled and drank peppermint hot cocoa....Logan JUST LOVES THIS! And I do too. I enjoy being a mommy so much!!

Daddy and Logan making yummy peanut butter cookies with kisses in the middle!! Sooo YUMMY!
His Gingerbread Train.

Enjoying the candy from the train;)

Mommy and Logan working on the gingerbread train!!!!

Painting ornaments!!!