Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A sweet little breath of peace

So for 15 years, this has been my view on my way to and from church. To many of you..this view would mean nothing. But to me...this view means: safety, comfort, stability, and strength. I have been such a blessed woman to be able claim my daddy as my pastor. For many reasons....so many reasons other then the fact that he is my dad . My dad is such a humble, REAL, man of integrity...who loves the Lord Jesus Christ more then life itself. And though it is one of the hardest things that I have ever had to go through...losing my parents to Ten Mile Idaho....I have a peace and an excitment for them. My sweet friend amybeth hit the nail on the head...I told her how well I was doing and how I was really at a middle spot...missing my parents but yet I was so excited for them. She said, Krista...your truley have the joy of the Lord. And I really believe it is true. His Joy can get us through anything...his peace that passes all understanding....it truely fills your soul when you don't know or have a clue how you are going to get through something. Thank you for teaching me that mom and dad. I love you guys...my indepent nature is finally going to be put to the test! I now am looking forward to the next chapter in all our lives..to many road trips...and heck...who knows...maybe we will walk by faith and treck out on our own adventure someday soon. <