Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Crazy Busy Schedule coming up!

Do you ever just catch yourself being kind of selfish and the totally have an humbling experience come out of it? This happened to me tonight. I was at my mom's watching Idol early;) She has dish and so she gets it super early...which is cool. While we were watching, my mom got a phone call from a lady I use to work with at the Highschool....and actually she taught me when I was a freshman. Now...this is a woman that most studnets do not like as a teacher. She is stricted and doesn't take any crap from the students. So ...of course, students tend to think she is mean. Well, I got to know her as a staff member when I work at NHS and I just feel in love with this woman. She made me feel so special and always greeted me! I so enjoyed getting to know her while I was at the highschool. Well, she called my mom tonight asking about me and that she heard(probably from my sweet friend Amy) that I was house cleaning. My mom passed the message a long to me and then gave this lady my number. My sister in law and I are both packed with cleaning...we really can't take anyone else least not every week. So, I was telling my mom...I just will have to tell her no. We just can't do it. Completely thinking of me the WHOLE time. Well, she called my phone and left me a message. In her message she told me how she really needs some help....her husband has cancer again and she is working full time and just can't keep up. Suddenly, I was back to 2 years ago when my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer and couldn't do hardly a thing!! Right then I thought, you know...I could make this work once a month. I know that I can't do it anymore then that but if that will help this woman keep things kind of together...then I would make it work!
I know this is my job...I do but I also think and know that God has blessed me with loving to that I can help others who can't or who just dont have the time! So...though I am not taking anyone else one...other then this sweet lady.....I know God is going to use me in some way!