Thursday, December 3, 2009

These are a few of my Favorite things....

Last week Peyton, Logan, and I went to Colorado for a week. Jason stayed home and I missed him so much!! U would think that Jason and I had just started dating the way I missed him. I am so thankful that God gave me this amazing man and I am thankful that after nearly 7 years, I am still just as head over heals and MORE for him. He was a busy beaver while we were gone. He DID a ton of projects!! And when I arrived home my house was SUPER clean, all the dishes were done, and he even did his laundry!(thanks Laurie) It just meant the world to me that he had the house looking amazing when I came home! THANKS HONEY!!!

He surprised me and reorganized our closet!! These pictures don't do it justice in the least but our closet looks AMAZING!!!
He's had this planned for a few months and it was super fun to get to see his ideas come to life! Now I just need to get rid of a some clothes...SHESH. I own a lot.
This summer my sister in law Rechelle, Jason, and I decided it would be fun to rent Twilight. I had no idea what it was going to be about and so I went into it thinking it was just going to be some other movie. Well...Rechelle and I both got HOOKED!!! When New Moon was coming out, I wanted to see it sooooooo badly. But I really couldn't get anyone to go with me to the Midnight showing.(I am crazy like that). The week I had asked the ladies to come with me, Rechelle got Morgan, Sue, and Debbie to watch the movie with her. Now, they too are Twilight Junkies;) Soooo...I was able to get Sue, Rechelle, and Morgan to go with me to the Midnight showing and BOY oh BOY was it worth it. I liked it so much, that I took Jason to it the other night. I loved it as much the second time if not more. Jason enjoyed it too. Plus I read New Moon which made it fun to catch things that I hadn't the first time.
I had started reading Twilight a day before I went to see the midnight showing of New Moon. I decided around half way through Twilight that I needed to get all of the books. I loved it so much!! I couldn't put it down. So, on my trip to Colorado I found some AWESOME deals and now own all the books. I just finished Eclipse last night and and started Breaking Dawn! Such a good and easy read. I am really enjoying them and I think I will start reading them again when I am done. Though I have a couple Mary Higgins Clark Christmas books that I want to read and then I ordered "The Blindside" super cheap on Cyber Monday:)I am so thankful that I am loving reading again. It's so much better then TV!

How could I not add my two little favorite things. These two kids are such a blessing. I am so cherishing both of the stages they are in. Logan is really a sweet brother to Peyton. He plays very well with her and gets her giggling like crazy. They like to chase each other around the house. Cracks me up. They sure love each other.
Logan is really getting good at swimming and he loves his lessons. And he is getting so good with his letters too. The other day he looked at my headband and it had a R and L on the inside, then he stated, "Mommy...what is the R and L for?" I was super impressed and happy he is recognizing his letters.
Peyton is my little singer bird. She seriously walks around the house humming and singing all day long. I think it shows she has a happy heart:) She also climbs on top of everything and is really proud that she can now get on the couch by herself and get down with ease. She has 4 more teeth coming in and they aren't bothering her at all. She has started giving Jason and I think HUGE teeth grin with a crinkled up nose. It melts my heart every time she does it.

These are a few of my favorite things for the moment.......thanks for stopping in.