Saturday, October 31, 2009

My Perfect Day

Such an amazing time we had!!
The Lead singer from Rascal Flatts!
Enjoying the concert with my main squeeze.
Peyton wasn't thrilled about the costume but Logan was in heaven

It doesn't happen enough. Those days that everything goes so perfectly, EVERY little detail works out so good, every moment is amazing. Yesterday was that day for me. It started out with my lil ones sleeping so well until 8:30 am. They woke up super happy. We ate our breakfast and then headed off to swim class. Both kids were able to swim due to Logan's class being canceled because no other kids signed up. So, we joined mommy and me class on Friday morning. Logan brought his Black Spiderman suit, so that he could show his swim teacher after class. We got to class and Logie jumped in. SOOO excited that teacher Donna had a pumpkin in the water that day. He thought that was so cool. We then went and clean one of my weekly houses. Jason had to work longer that day, so both kids were with me the whole time. They were both ANGELS!!! Logan was such a good helper with playing with Peyton and Peyton was just a doll for me the whole time!
We then headed off to Grandma's work to walk around and get candy. Grandma LOVES having her Grandkids come visit her on Halloween and she enjoys showing them off to her co-workers;) Logan has so much fun!
Then the highlight of my day came. Jason and I dropped the kids off at Grandma's house and we headed off to our Darius Rucker/Rascal Flatts Concert. We headed to a few stores before hand, and I was able to use an amazing coupon, THANKS TO OPRAH, on a new pair of shoes, purse, and a few other items. All 1/2 off! I love getting a good deal and getting things that I just love so much!!
We got in our car, I put my new shoes on and then we parked a little ways away from the Rose Garden so we could save money on parking. It ended up being 1/2 a mile away...which was fine. I am always up for walking, but my shoes were not broken in at all yet, so I got a nice little blister....but not even that could ruin my perfect day!:):)
During the concert, I cuddled my honey...sang at the top of my lungs.....Danced like crazy....and just had the time of my life. I so enjoyed my husband and the lack of little ones tugging at my jeans. I love being a mom and wouldn't trade it for anything in the world, but it was such an amazing break.....just being Krista.:) Jason and I both are going to try and get away together more often. How awesome it is for a marriage to just "get away" from it all!