Friday, March 27, 2015

Operation Stay-Cation.

 Jason and I have been planning a fun little get away for this spring break. Jason took the   whole week off and I was cramming homes into bulk days. Then life happened and we had to change plans and stay home. I really know better than to make plans and really as much as I wanted to get away and travel - my heart is always more content at home. 
  We decided to make the best of it and try and enjoy this beautiful place we call home! 

We went up to Beaverton on Monday . Enjoyed our favorite restaurant and went to see Cinderella. A sweet movie. My favorite line was:
------Cinderella wisdom--------
My precious friend Amybeth surprised me and planted flowers in my front boxes. I have a black thumb and she is amazing  at growing things .  Felt very special to be served by her.  
 I love cousins and I love friends and I love when friends are like cousins
Headed to the beach
What an incredible day at Happy Camp.
Little bit of swimming at our local pool. The best part about swimming at home is you have friends at the pool- even when you don't invite them:)

 The most important thing to me is my family and even though we would have loved to get out of town, relax by the pool in the sun somewhere - being home ended up being just what we needed for our spring break 2015- aka- operation staycation.