Saturday, August 1, 2009

Our Wonderful BUSY July!!!!

We have had the most fun this July! I wanted to share a few of our outings! We went to the zoo! It was Logan and Peyton's first time and they both LOVED IT!!!!!!! We parked a little ways away from the zoo and road a school bus over. Logan was so excited..."I can't believe it...I get to ride a bus to the zoo." He had such excitement in his eyes. We really had a wonderful family day. Full of laughs, frozen ice drinks, monkeys(and I'm not just talking about Logie;), and lots of learning. Logan loved the Bats the most. I was so surprised. He use to be way scared of them...but he loved watching them eat bananas.
We also headed to MY favorite beach and enjoyed the sand hill. Peyton loved breaking down the sand castles that Logie and Daddy were making and she really wanted to climb up that sand hill by herself. She is very independent my Pey Pey. Logan loved rolling down the hill and running in the sand.
July was such a wonderful busy month for our family. Enjoy all the pics.