Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I Fuzzy Heart Awana

Logan officially completed his first year at Awana!! HE LOVED IT!!!!!!!! He made lots of new friends and learned so much about Jesus! His teacher told me he was the best one at memorizing memory verses and he was one of the youngest ones! He does have a wonderful memory and I am so happy it is full of God's word. During the closing program tonight, he was the only one to say his memory verse outloud! This mama was PROUD:) Logan will be a Cubby again next year because of his age, even though he keeps telling me he wants to be a Sparky;)

I am so thankful for these programs that open up to the preschool age! This age is sooooo important and they soak everything up like sponges. I will enjoy the break this summer but I can't wait for Logan to start up again next year!