Saturday, November 8, 2008

Camera Happy!

Lately, I just want to take lots of pics of my family! So....hope you enjoy them!

Peyton in her "Skinny" pants, heehee! She is super stylin'

Logan hugging on Pey Pey!
Already doing awesome in her Saucer and she isn't even three months yet. She spins herself all the way around in this thing:)

Jason's favorite outfit on Peyton!

Peyton with my Parents. They just adore her.

Papa Charlie making Peyton smile like crazy. She just adores him.

Peyton started giving a few giggles this week. Mainly at Logan but she giggled at Blue Gram too:) So fun to hear her sweet little voice.

Logan loves taking Baths with his lil Sis!

Happy Birthday to my Hot Man Candy;)

Happy Birthday to the Love of my life, daddy of my babies, and my BEST FRIEND!!! I love you Jason!