Friday, May 15, 2009

I don't know how I am going to fill my evenings after next week!!!!!!!!!!!!

So this week one of my favorite shows ended. The Biggest Loser! I LOVE THIS SHOW. I know you all hear it from me all the time! BUT I love to watch people take control of their lives and make the change they need too! These people start at weights 250 all the way up to 450 pounds. They inspire me!! This year was just awesome. The winner this year was Helen! She lost 140 pounds! She lost ME!!! I think that is incrediable! top that off, she is 48!!! 48 people! No more excuses right?? 48 and she did it. THEN to top that off, the at home winner was Jerry...64 years old and lost 177 pounds!!! I was sooooo stinkin' proud of these two, you would have thought they were my family!!!

Now this week, American Idol will end! I know everyone was very disappointed in Danny going home but I just about jumped up in the air when I heard Kris was still on!!! I am such a fan!!!! Of course, I made the silly mistake of getting on facebook before it had aired in Oregon and had it ruined by a Utah person;) No prob though, my silly mistake. I think next week will be amazing...both Adam and Kris are incrediable and will both bring it! I will be super happy with whom ever America decides....but I secretly hope it is Kris! What can I say, I always go for the underdog;)(Plus Kris is a believer;)) Gotta go for the family in Christ ya'll.