Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Happy Trails to You!

We love to be outside!! And with the amazing Fall we have had, we've been on the GO like crazy!! Here are a few shots of the family enjoying our beautiful Oregon Coast and some of it's trails! We are so blessed to live where we do!

The view from one of our hikes

Logan always enjoys being the leader so we are often singing..."we're following the leader, the leader..." from Peter Pan

On one trail we saw TONS of Mushrooms. Logan said he felt like he was Mario in Mushroom land:) He thinks like his daddy, heehee.

Logan would go all day long.....we have to set a time limit or we would be out til Dark! Peyton really enjoys it too and does great. She's always been really coordinated.

I love this picture of the kids. They are just getting so big!

I hope we can enjoy some more dry Fall days!! We heard we are gonna have a WET winter! Maybe we will just put on our boots and rain coats and enjoy it;)