Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Catching up:)

Our buddies from church! Molli, Logan, and Spencer
Didn't mean to put this one in here but what that heck right;) Logan and I having fun at Collin's party!
celebrating the big 3 with Logan's best friend at ChuckyCheese !Grace and Logan.
Adding some more beautiful girl's to our PCBC family! Krista, Paula, Sarah, and Peyton!
Visiting our Local Animals:)

Logan's B-day Party!
My beautiful little Peyton!
Such a Handsome 3 year old!
Smiling away at mommy!
Logan loves to play with Peyton!

Today I officially was putting away Peyton's newborn clothes and beginning to put a lot of Logan's 3t clothes away. They both are officially grown out of them! I don't know how many of you STRUGGLE with doing this...but I do! I love love love watching my little ones grow up...but I hate hate hate it too!! It is all going just way to fast for me! It just breaks my heart! Peyton is still so little and I am just cherishing every minute of it. I am cherishing every little coe and smile. Knowing that before I know it...she will be running around, jumping, talking, and singing like her 3 year old brother!

I am also cherishing my little toddler. He loves singing right now. I love to hear his sweet little voice in the back of the car singing a long to songs. Which reminds me more and more of these words: "Becareful little ears what you hear." He picks up everything. The other day Jason and I were listening to a secular station and Logan sang out the line of a song, I didn't even know. I have to be super careful what we listen now...which I should be doing anyways, right;) Another super cute thing he is doing right now is asking me and Jason to tell him stories. He wants to be told stories about Ironman and Superman. Sometimes I ask him to tell me stories and he comes up with some cute ones! He helps so much with her NUK to her, bringing me diapers(though the thought of poopy diapers makes his face go sour, heehee), and making Peyton smile super big:) Logan is such a blessing to my heart! I wish a son upon all of you:):)

Everyday is such a blessing when you have children. Every pair of clothing I put away has a memory with it. I think thats why I have so many TUBS full of clothes in the attic. I hate to get rid of them because it feels like I am giving pieces of Logan's memories away! Growing up is a bitter sweet thing!

I am putting a bunch of pics up of things we have been doing the past couple months. I am so awful at updating this thing but I will get better!!! Enjoy ya'll!