Saturday, May 23, 2015

A step in becoming a better mom.

 I've been a mommy for 10 years this coming September. Growing up, all I ever want to be was a wife and a mommy. I'm still so thankful that the Lord has allowed that for me! But- in both mommy hood and wifeyhood, it has been revealed to me how much I really had no clue to what that totally meant in a broader spectrum.

  I had a friend make a comment about one of my littles a month or so ago and it took me off guard. I wanted to just defend my kid and also say, what in the world are you talking about and you have no right to comment on my kiddo that way. I was a little miffed for a while. The "I don't ever wanna hurt someone's feelings" came out in me again and I said nothing. 
  Later that night a big light went off in my head. My heart hurt a little and my stomach was all tied in knots. The reason that person said those things is because I had shared some of my struggles and said things about my kid. My precious kiddo whom I love so very much and would never ever want to crush. 
  I realized that to some point, in my struggle of mommy hood, I had started slandering my own child. I didn't mean to.  I was really searching for wisdom to some point, but none the less- I had! I had allowed my opinion on situations to cause others  to view my kid differently, when frankly this kid is totally normal. 
  As the weeks have followed and I have asked a few friends to hold me accountable, I have made the point of not saying anything about either of my kids that I could not say infront of them. It has been so helpful and has completely changed my heart in so many ways concerning my kids!! 
  I'm always learning, growing, and changing in this crazy life. I just hope that passing on this little bit of wisdom that I have recognized in my own life, can help another amazing mama walking this journey of parenthood :)