Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Sleep- where art thou

Sleep  - precious sleep. It's a thing that I haven't had much of the last 6 years. The funny thing about sleep is, it's one thing your body just doesn't get use to. It's  not like running or dieting- where you can train yourself to do or not do something . You need sleep and it's a huge factor in your - *cough* MY day.  This last week had been bad, and last night was the worst . 

  I found this quote a while back on Pintrest and I just love it and it helps me get through those nights and the days after. 
   "You are my favorite reason to lose sleep over." 
 So as my daughter calls my name at night, my hubbies alarm goes off at 3:50 am for work, and my little guy wakes up to go potty and turns the bathroom light on which then blares in my room- I think of this and try and pray for my attitude . They really are so worth it.  And more reminders to be thankful - right?;) 

 Here is a little from our week so far:
Peys black kitty pumpkins 
Best daddy ever ❤️
Me with my little sleep stealer 😘
Pey writing in class
Logan play street football with his church buddy
And this really cool quote that fits in my life right now!