Sunday, October 25, 2009

Ever Wonder about the Kid that Wonders about everything?

Wonder what my title means? It's the line Logan says every morning while watching one of his favorite cartoons.
We have this morning tradition. Every morning around 8:30, Logan comes into our room and climbs in our bed and watchs cartoons for a little while. I have become SUPER picky with a LOT of things these last few months. Things my family eats, how much exercise we all get, and how much tv we watch. One of my BIGGEST changes is what Logan watches in the morning. I only let him watch PBS kids, other then saturday mornings of course. YES mom, I have become you!:) (that was pretty much all we could watch in the mornings when we were little too.) I love that station. Logan has learned so much! His favorite's are "Sid the Science Kid", "Curious George", "Clifford the big Red Dog", and "Sesame Street". Infact, Peyton has fallin' in love with Sesame Street, too. I got this cute picture of them Friday morning, cuddling, watching Elmo! I thought it was so precious. Logan told me that morning, "Mom...the letter of the day is Number 10." LOL. I know he has lots to learn but at least he is slowing figuring it out. I am so thankful for PBS kids!:)