Friday, October 22, 2010

Mixed Emotion

This has seriously been my season of good byes! With all of them come lots of JOY but also lots of SADNESS!! My brother MJ leaves for Iraq next month. I am so proud of him! He is an awesome soliders...all of his Lt. love him and he moves up in rank FAST. He's always been a little smarty pants and has finally found a place that he can really use it! As I am so PROUD and EXCITED for him...I am also so scared and sad. This is a huge thing and it's super dangerous. Please be praying for my brother Mark Jason as he is going to be over there for at least 9 months.
MJ is in Mississippi doing some last minute training before he ships out. He resuntly sent our family this photo with the caption: "I love this job." I haven't seen MJ with this kind of smile in a picture for a long time. It made my heart happy and content. Love you MJ!!!