Thursday, February 28, 2008

In our new home!!!!!!!!!

I am so excited to be sharing that we are officially new home owners:):):):):):):) Yesterday was just a crazy day for us. Logan didn't sleep much the night before and so that meant that I didn't sleep much either. Logan is fighting a nasty cough right now and just isn't feeling like himself...poor little guy. Anyways....I was just so tired yesterday. I was trying to get my old house all cleaned up by myself so that Ryan and Morgan wouldn't have much to do when they moved in that night and man...I just had NO energy by the time I made it to my new house. BUT...once I sat down on my bed and looked around at my new made my super tiring day all worth it!! I love our new house. JUST love it. It is totally unorganized and pretty much all of our belongs are still out in the garage but what the heck...I can live like this for a while if I have too:) Just being in this place and knowing I don't have to move again, ever;) is awesome to know. My mom and dad are helping me get some more things put out tomorrow and Amybeth is such a good friend...she offered to come help me Saturday!! What would I do without my amazing family and friends. My mom, dad, and sister in law Laurie helped me soooooo much this weekend....I felt so special that they would give up their day for me:) Plus Ryan and Jason tag teamed it on Saturday so was a huge blessing as well. Oh, and get this. My beautiful sister in law Morgan came by last night:) My very first visitor:):) She is over 6 1/2 months pregnant...and super duper cute. She is the one who just moved into our old house:) Anyways...she was like...can I help you with anything at all? I was like are the sweetest thing!!! Not only is she super pregnant but she is moving into her own place and offering to help me. What a sweet sweet girl she is:) Of course I said thank you but there is no way I would allow her to help me;):) But it was the thought that she was SOOOO willing to help me! I just love her.
We went and bought paint for the living room and kitchen today and Jason starting a little painting! I surprised him and bought him Guitar Hero for his PS3. He as pretty excited about that!!
It was just beautiful today here in Tilly town. Logan played outside and we meet one of our neighbors and some kids she babysits. And as we both played in our front yard...tons of young families were walking around the neighborhood, so we were able to say hello:) SO many kids in our neighborhood. I am just so excited for Logan to have TONS of friends here:) We are so blessed.
Well...I will post more pictures soon once I can find everything and put my computer together!!! Just wanted to update everyone:) The picture of our new house is at the bottom of my blog page if you havent' seen it yet:)

Monday, February 25, 2008

Moving, Memories, and Marriage

This weekend we began our huge adventure of moving out of our house. Ryan and Jason worked their bootys' off moving all of our stuff and R&M's stuff back and forth through Tilly Town Saturday! Those men worked sooooo hard. Morgan and I just were so proud to call them our men:) We still have a few things to move out of our place on Wed. but for the most part I am living in a house that is not mine anymore and doesn't have very many of my belongings in it.

I am sooooo excited to move. I am excited to have Jason to myself more remodeling...I am excited to have family Saturdays....I am excited because our house is just beautiful and everything I have ever wanted in a house!! It truely is my DREAM House...come on now...I am only I really deserve my dream house?? is my dream house but I have to admit that I wouldn't mind if the location would be say more like in DENVER, heehee. But honestly, I love Tillamook. It is where I was basically raised....just 20 miles further down the coast:) Anyways...I am just happy about our new place.

BUT...with all that said, I am also going to miss our blue 1928 1702 3rd st. house!! Though this house took a lot out of is filled with so many amazing memories. This was the first place Jason and I went after we tied the knot. Jason held me when we got here because, yes, I was crying. Not crying because I married him, teehee but because the HUGE overwhelming amazing day was over and I was just letting out all of my emotion!!Poor guy didn't know what he was marrying into;) This was also the first house I ever lived in away from my mom and dad. I was dorm girl...that is what I did in college. I never had an apartment...just a dorm. So this was the first place I could do with what I wanted:) This house was the house we brought our amazing little man home too:) Logan has only known this house as his own. He took his first steps here....said his first words here....pooped in the bathtub here(had to put that in). I adore this house!!!! I know that I will make amazing memories in our new house but this house will always be super special to me and my hubby:) So...with being super excited about adventuring into our new place and making it our own...we leave a piece of heart with our beautiful old blue house!! We will miss you home but we are so excited to see Ryan and Morgan make some amazing memories here as well:)

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Idol, Poop, and cellphone!

So tonight, I am trying to be a good mommy. Yes, I really really am. I got Logan a bath all ready because...what little kid doesn't just LOVE a bath. Logan loves to swim and so having a bath is the next best thing. Well, I am double tasking....watching Logan in the tub and folding laundry(right next to the tub). Now mind you...I am trying to get all of this done in time to watch American Idol tonight. cousin Lance calls....I am super excited to chat with him since I have for a few months....while I am talking to him, Logan is saying....Mommy....yucky....mommy.....yucky...I look inside the tub and Logan has decided to Go Number 2 in the tub....and the funny part was he is trying to get to the side of the tub that has NO number 2. Which is like pretty much no where since he pretty much filled the tub with his #2:) I am still on the phone with Lance, trying to get Logan out of the tub and get it cleaned out so I can get him back in there and clean his body off. with all that said, I finally had to tell Lance bye and get my cleaner out and get the nasty stuff out of the tub. So we get the whole tub clean and I re fill it with water and scrub my little dudes body! So Logan plays for a little while longer and then wants out. Remember I was talking with Lance on the cell earlier? I had put it in my sweet shirt pocket right after that and as I bend over to unplug the tub, my ENVY cell phone slips into the tub! I was like....AAAAHHHHHHHHHH!! I can't believe that just happened. I grabbed it out really fast and dryed it off as best I could! LUCKLY...though it was acting funny for about 20 minutes now it is just fine. FEW....okay...that is my night so far;)

Great Idea from Abbie!

My friend Abbie gave me the great idea of sharing with family (and friends) how much my belly is or isn't growing, lol:) Here are a few pics! We are comparing out prego bellys:) The one time in my life I would ever compare my belly with anyone;)

14 weeks prego with baby Motz #2

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Good News!

My dr. called me to and she isn't even concerned about my placenta attaching least not at this point! I am 14 weeks and 2 days and she says, that is SUPER common. So...that made me happy!! Just wanted to share!
Getting closer to finding out what we are having:) 3 weeks from tomorrow...we will know if we are having a girl or a boy:) I love knowing!That way I can plan for it:)
Love you all...I am off to bed.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Second Trimester!!!

So....second trimester is here:) Can I get a "what what." Heehee. I am super excited...mainly because I am at the 1/3 mark. Week 12 and 13 I was still super sick with morning sickness and I thought it would NEVER END!!! about 13 1/2 weeks I kid you disappeared!!! Completely. Now, I still need to eat right away in the morning but I have always been like that...I am hypoglysempic(I SUCK at spelling). BUT...none the body feels better, I feel better, my head feels better, and my tummy feels better!!!:) I am totally on this health kick right now. Since I no longer have to keep something in my tummy every 30 minutes....I am not even joking about that.....I can finally really watch what I am eating. I have gained 5 pounds so far. Those of you who have been pregnant know that every pound you gain with have to work your butt off to lose I figure if I work my butt off now (NOT WORKING OUT LIKE CRAZY...DON'T WORRY..I had to put that incase my mother or mother in law reads this, heehee) then I won't have to worry about it later.
BUT...with all that said, I did find out Friday that I have a low laying placenta...meaning that my placenta attached a little bit lower then it should and closer to my cervix then most normal pregnancies. But has my pregnancy been normal at all yet?? why should it start now, right? 1/5 woman have this happen and 95% of these woman have their placenta move up as their uterous grows. My dr. says by 20 weeks it should be at a good safe mark. So as of now, I can't lift my Logan and I can't do yard work, I was going too,lol:) And I have to take another month off of cleaning houses. BUT my wonderful sister in law is taking over and doing great. And another sweet Friend Monica is filling in for me:) What would I do without them??????
We are packing our house up as I speak...well kind of;) I can't do hardly anything...I am a poor helpless little bunny and that is SOOOOOOOO HARD FOR ME!!!!! I am such a do it myself kind of person, I hate to ask for help and I hate to rely on people! My daddy made me that way...I am just like him!:):) BUT my mom and dad are helping me a ton and Jason is doing the majority of it;) Am I crazy to be moving while I am pregnant??? YES but I would be just as crazy to move while I have a new born and a 3 year old so either way, I screwed, heehee.
Okay...that is enough from little ol' me. I am off to the park to meet up with my sister in law and good friend Sarah.! It is just beautiful here today

Friday, February 15, 2008

Baby Looking Good!

I had my ultrasound today. Baby look awesome!!! I am 13 weeks and 3 days and baby is measuring at 14 weeks 1 baby is looking soooooooo good:) Heart beat was nice and high at 178:) The only thing that I found out that wasn't great....not bad, but not great is that I have a low laying placenta. Meaning my placenta attached closer to my cervix then it normally should. So....basically I need to take it easy and not lift Logan...which is what I have been doing anyways:) He said that it should move up as my uterous grows. By 20 weeks I should be fine. BUT....praise the Lord baby looks extra good!!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Just had to add.

Even though my little Logy is going through his Terrible Twos...I adore him and wouldn't change him for anything:)
Just had to add that:)

My first day as a blogger!

I have always wanted to keep a diary. I did when I was like 15 and had a super crush on a boy and I wrote and wrote and wrote all about things that summer. BUT, once my life actually turned into a life, lol....I stopped do to lack of time or energy. kind of "bed rest" has given me a chance to actually keep up on a "so called" diary...through my blogs. So....these blogs won't be totally person but they will share what is going on in my life and what happened in my day.
I will start with yesterday. As, many of you know, I am 13 weeks prego with number 2. It has been a rough last year. I had a miscarry in Sept. and that pretty much gave me a reality check on cherishing life and pregnancy. Then with this pregnancy I have had a lot of spotting...which is super scary considering I didn't have ANYTHING like that at all with Logan David. that you are kind of up to date. I haven't had any spotting for like 3 1/2 weeks.
Logan is just getting into the terrible twos. He throws fits now, cries a ton when he doesn't get his way, and just hasn't been acting like my sweet little boy anymore. Last night I decided I needed to go to Freddy's to get Jason a V-day gift. I can't lift Logan, so a cart was out of the question. So, he walked beside me. BIG MISTAKE!!! He basically fought me our whole trip and I was practicly dragging him to the car on our way out. So...of course I was frustarted and bothered by the time we got home. Then, I noticed I had some blood when I whipped. UGH!!!! I just ran and got in bed and called Jason and layed Logy down next to me. It stopped and I haven't had much more...just a little staining today. I do have an ultrasound tomorrow...just to check up on baby....but can I just August here yet:? I just can't wait to have this baby in my arms!!!!!
So...prayfully all is well with that. I did have some super goodness today. Other then my hubby buying me really pretty roses and making me two picture V-day cards....we found out the closing date on our BRAND NEW HOME!!! We are moving in Feb. 26th and I couldn't be more excited!!!! God has blessed us so much! Can't wait to share some pics:)
Anyways...that is all for now. I will update as much as I can:)