Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Time...where have you gone?

My Baby Boy turned 3 yesterday!! I can't even believe he is that old! Time...please slow down. Mommy's heart can't take him growing up so Fast!!

3 years ago Now

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Getting through the Storm!

This week has been super emotional for me. Started off with Jason getting some discouraging news from his work. Then some serious issues came up with my older brother. And then a dear friend of ours from our church was diagnosed with stomach cancer. All of this with in 36 hours. Then, to top it off, I have had not a lot of sleep and Peyton has been a really fussy little baby for the past week. I've just kind of been trying to trust the Lord with it all. Seems like when it rains it pours and what I have discovered the last day is how much I have to just Lean on the Jesus. I have to just give it all up to him...all my worries....all of my fear....all of my grief. I constantly just have to continue to give it up to him. Jesus has been getting me through but the second thing that has been getting me through the storm is the faces of my little babies. They both are so precious to me. God has blessed me with these sweet faces to remind me, that everything is going to be ok.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

It's finally here. I've been waiting all summer long!

Biggest Loser starts this coming Tuesday!!! HECK YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My favorite show ever. I was thinking this year, I am the one who needs to join the show;) Time to get my butt back into to shape too:) Honestly though...this show inspires you to make a change...and it rocks my socks off:)!!!

Friday, September 12, 2008

The joys of my life right now;)

And this would be what I get excited about these days;):) Ahhh...the joys of newborns! I do love my little Pey Pey though! It is all worth it!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

When One Becomes Two!!

Making the Jump from one to Two started out pretty easy. I honestly went into this whole
"second Baby" thing expecting the worst in every area...that way if it was hard...I wasn't taken by to much surprise and wasn't going to give myself a nervous break down. So when the first two weeks came and I was still functioning and doing okay emotionally....I was THRILLED! Well, then this week came a long and I was on my "own" during the evenings. For the most went really well...only one night did Logan have 5 major melt downs....helped himself to my brand new baby soap for bubbles in the bathtub(THE WHOLE BOTTLE), and Pey Pey was pretty fussy every night from 8-11 but really...I could soothe her so I can't complain!

I think the Hardest thing for me with how much time I don't have for Logan right now and it breaks my heart. I feel so bad everytime he asks me to play with him and I am feeding sis or changing her or soothing her. Peyton is so needy right now and I just feel like poor Logan is getting the shaft! I would love to have one more kid someday but as of now...I am having a hard enough time stretching myself between two kids. I want to put as much as possible into my children....I want them all to get tons of time with Jason and I!! This is a very important thing to me!! So...we will see about having more kids! Not 100 percent on that yet:)

Peyton is a wonderful addition to our family though and i will learn how to put more time into Logan once she becomes a little less needy:) Jason is taking on the extra Logy time when he is home from work. So I know Logan feels loved. I just get all emotional when i think about Logan not getting enough of mommy! But we will pull through:) Just thought it was time for a little update from our lil' Motz family.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

My babies!

We had a wonderful time in Bend last week:) Such a fun time with the Motsinger Family:) The above picture is of my babies ready to go to the pool:)