Friday, February 26, 2010

Heart to Heart

So...February 24th came around and guess what we finally did??? We finally made our Valentine's day heart cookies;) Logan and I had planned on making these the weekend of V-day but we were soooo busy!!! It never happened! So.....TEN days later we finally had an evening to do it!!!:) Logan picked out his cookie cutters and was ready to go. He told me, "mommy, u can only use the heart cookie cutters if u are in love." I said to him, "ok...who are u in love with?" He said, "I am in love with Peyton!" Such a sweetie pie.
A few nights later, we were talking about him getting married someday. Usually he tells me he is going to marry Peyton but this night , he informed me that he was going to marry Gracie. He said, " Mommy, do you think we can live with you when we get married? Maybe Gracie can sleep in a sleeping bag on my floor. We will have to ask Aunt Sarah, if thats ok?" :):)