Saturday, January 30, 2010's the sun....(kind of)

This week we actually got to enjoy some DRY days!! We treasure these days, almost like they are Christmas! They are so rare on the Oregon Coast in the winter.
Logan was a super HERO pretty much everyday this week! He was thrilled that mommy and daddy let him go to Freddy's as BumbleBee and Sleep in it for his PJ's. (we did make him take off his blue power ranger outfit for Awanas, We didn't think a Blue visitor would help with the already SUPER HYPER kids.)
3 days in a row, we hung out on our Favorite toy for hours! WE love your Trampoliny:)
Logan is so handsome.
I just LOVE this picture of Peyton! Her Hair was so cute! It took me a million shots to finally capture this adorable picture!
Both my kids LOVE wearing scarfs! Of course, Peyton doesn't have a small enough one, so she had to where mommies.
I love this little man!
CUTIES in their shades...Peytie wasn't thrilled I was taking a picture. I was pretty camera happy this week.
LOGAN'S first time ROLLER SKATING!!!! He had a BLAST!!!!!! Has talked about it everyday since!
Mommy, shoving his foot in those things....It took forever!
This is Peyton's favorite thing to grab out of the bottom cupboard and carry around the house!(it's a costco nestle quick mix.) She cracks US UP!
LOGAN still LOVES swimming Lessons. He told me the other day, "Mommy, I wanna do swim lessons forever." Bless his heart. To bad it's $44 dollars a month!
Peyton LOVES KITTYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We found this little Kitty at a little store in the mall. She won't put it down!!! She puts it on her arm and waves, bye bye to mommy and walks around the house like she's about to leave. Such a cutie!!