Friday, May 30, 2008

It has finally arrived!

Many of you may be thinking that I am talking about my new little niece Annika! Though, she to has arrived and is the cutest thing ever....I am talking about my wonderful bedding set! I ordered this set 3 months ago, when we bought our new place. But I had it picked for a few months before that! I got an amazing deal with some super duper coupons that I had recieved but was super bummed to find out that everyone else and their Grandma, wanted this same set. was on back order til...May 15th...well...May 15th rolled around and I went to check my status on shipping for my on back order til June 6th! I thought....holy honking cow....will my bedding set ever ever ever arrive???? Well...I happened to check my bank account this morning before I left to clean houses, and I saw a nice little chunk of money taken out. TO my wonderful surprise, it turned out my lovely new bedding set was on it route to be delivered to me! Yippyness for me! And to top it all of...Jason likes it too!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is amazing in it's self! To actually please my husband with my decorative taste, it is a pure miracle:) Okay...enough about my bedding...Here are some pics:) My curtins are toooo long but that is an easy fix!! I also wanted to add a picture of the most important arrival this week....Annika Rose Motsinger:) She is a duper cute little baby and Ryan and Morgan are such natural parents! What a joy to welcome a new little Motz:)

Sunday, May 25, 2008

What a fun weekend!

Well, I am just about 28 weeks pregnant and doing just awesome. Nothing to complain about...everything is going wonderfully! Other then an occasional leg cramp here and there....trully,I am doing wonderfully! I love feeling Zoey moving around like crazy in my tummy. It is fun finally feeling her body parts moving and not just flutters! Just the neatest thing to experience carrying a beautiful little baby!
This weekend we were able to have Jason's sister Laurie stay with us! So, Logan has been totally etertained with his cousins! He just adores Collin and has really taken a lot of interest in Austy this time around! Something that I feel in love with when it came to my Jay Jay.....was that he has this amazing family! Among hundreds of other things that I love about Jason.....his family was this amazing bonus! I just adore every single person in his family. I was raised to always have family a huge priority and Jason was raised that same way. It has been an awesome thing in our marriage! Especially since my little brother moved last August...having Jason's siblings around has been nice to help feel the void of him being gone! I still miss him and Candiss, SOOOO very much! But I do get to see Zachary in about two weeks when he comes home for a wedding and surfing!
We are just so enjoying this wonderful weekend! Jason has 3 days off and we have gotten our garage pretty much cleared out and my wonderful amazing daddy helped Jason put up our garage door opener!!!!!!!!!YIPPY!!!! We just have a nice load to take to Goodwill and my brother is EVENTUALLY going to pick up the couch sitting and waiting in there for him. That is a huge thing for us! Now....all we have left is our yard and fence!(and a special project that I will keep secret til it is done;)) Do I have your curious;)??:)
Anyways...I just wanted to share some pics because I don't have a lot to write about! Enjoy your memorial day weekend!!!!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Meme...just for you Leanne

So I have nothing else to blog about at the moment so I will do a meme!:)

5 THINGS IN MY BAG: cell phone, wallet, lipstick(can't leave home without it, calendar, and gum!

5 THINGS I'M INTO: Right now?? Well...potty training Logan;), getting Zoey's room ready for her, dieting, working out, and learning to save money better!
5 THINGS IN MY ROOM: My bed, of course:), lots and lots of CLOTHES, my computer, my wedding pictures, and bathroom, lol;)TO the side of the bedroom that is;)
*5 THINGS I HAVE WANTED TO DO: finish having my babies, lose the baby weight;);):) Put a yard/fence in at our new place, Honestly....draw closer to the Lord, and become a better friend
5 PEOPLE WHO SHOULD MEME: Laurie:) Um...I don't know who else reads this;) Anyone bored;)

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Pregnancy....6 months!

The last few weeks my belly has been growing. Not as much as most people's at this stage but enough that my body has been telling me. I know I have blogged about this before, but could my second pregnancy be any different then my first!!! It has been different in every single way! First off...I am pregnant and have a 2 1/2 year old this time around. That right there changes everything! My pregnancy has gone so much faster because my time isn't spent on thinking about me and baby#2 but on my little Logan(and the above). Logan fills my time during the day! I think the only time I truly get a break to think about pregnancy or anything else, is his nap time and bed time. And usually I am trying to pick my house up or get something accomplished in our house settling process.

The last week I have started getting major leg cramps. Like yesterday from like 11am til right leg was just killing me. This is new for me! Not totally sure what to do with that!

Starting at like 8 oclock....I am a true Zombie. Poor Jason! We always have plans to watch a movie after Logan goes to bed!!! But lately I have been so tired that I just can't make it past 10pm. Plus, I have started getting nausia again at night. Not as bad as first trimester but enough that I just need to go and sleep it off!

Something else that I have noticed is that this time around, people just don't ask me about my pregnancy. Now, I am not talking about people that I meet off the street or anything but people that I come in daily contact with and am close with. Now, don't get me wrong. It doesn't bother me...I remember with Logan if one more person asked me if I had morning sickness still or how I was feeling...I was going to bust;) But it is nice to have people acknowledge that there is a special human being growing inside of me;) I don't know if with the second time around people just think that I have everything under control, or that it isn't as special because it is my second...but I for sure have noticed that it is totally different with the second baby. I do want to say, I am just as excited to meet this second member of our family as I was to meet the first one:)

Anyways....Jason and I are excited because we are on our last trimester! I have less then 13 weeks to go and we are super excited to meet our second little one! With the busy summer is going to sneak up on us WAY faster then we think:)

Monday, May 12, 2008 keeps on going........ I wrote before...I am training Logan to go potty like a big boy. I will say, he is doing wonderfully. So far the last two days he has only had 2 accidents! Though, we spend a LOT of time in the is all going to be worth it! I wasn't around this morning when Logan woke up but Jason said Logan said, " Daddy, I go potty" and they ran into the bathroom and went first thing this morning....Logan's diaper was totally dry from that night! I am so proud of him. I know we still have a long way a head of us but I am so happy with where Logan has made it in one week!!!!!!!! Way to go My Big BOY!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Potty Time!

Potty training freaks me out. No, seriously. I have never trained anyone or thing to go potty in the correct place before. Never had to train our dog because he was an outdoor dog, plus I was like 5 when we got Bronco, so of course my mom wouldn't have made me do it. Well...when Logan turned 2 1/2 in March, we decided to try the potty thing. Logan freaked out!!!!!!!! He was super scared of the toilet and it just didn't work. So, I decided I didnt' want a battle...I was going to wait for a little bit longer. Keep talking to him a lot the last few months about the potty and he would occasioanlly sit on the toilet here and there.
Well, I decided last week to give it a try again. All day yesterday, Logan went without a diaper, had a few accidents but started to get the idea. Never went on the potty but was sitting on the toilet a lot.
This morning...I am proud to say, Logan went pee pee twice on the toilet!!! I know I have a LONG way a head of me but I am so happy he understood!. He told Dadddy he had to go and he went in and did it.
Anyways....think of me these next few weeks as we do the potty adventure. Honestly, I am doing this all in prayer because I don't know what i am doing:):) I So far what I am doing is working, so we will see if it stays that way!