Thursday, January 29, 2009

Why I started this darn thing in the first place.

I started this blog over a year ago...inspired by my SUPER CREATIVE and WITTY friend Abbie. Her blogs cracked me up and were so enjoyable to read. I wanted to have my own funny stories to tell, really...I did. You see...some of us are just NATURALLY funny. Abbie...that is you. You have my favorite blog on this site!(though I know you've had to take a break these last few months, understandbly so). I am afraid that I just don't feel like my blogs meet up to yours Abbie...which is okay:) I have now made this more of a family update sight, lol with an occasional funny story here and there. And truely, aren't everyone's blogs about their kids pretty much anyways? So I guess I am not to far off. I just want you all to know that my intentions are to be funny or whitty or creative. I am trying...really I am:)
Basically my life is consumed with my 3 year old boy Logan who wakes me up in the morning and says, a BOOTiful day today(even when it's raining). He tells me everyday, Mommy...I love you...and I love you more!!! He dances like a rock star which I ADORE because I love to dance too and who can't dance how ever they please in front of a 3 year old. They don't care what you look like, LOL! Latley for breakfast he wants a juice and a string cheese....that is it. Doesn't sound very yummy to me but what the least it's kind of healthy:) His favorite things right now are the kittys at blue Gram's and he wants a kitty, a doggy, and a fishy. And he reminds me of this 30 times a day:) And in the bath the other night he was trying to stack some toys together and they fell over and he said, "Gosh Darn it." Not sure who he heard that from(ME). But I need to be careful what I say now, heehee. But it was pretty, gosh darn cute:)
Peyton consumes my other half...she is needy...a GOOD needy but needy non the less. She slept in our room for 5 months and 1 week. BUT now she has officially been her for four nights and is doing AWESOME! Logan wasn't in his own room til he was 1 so we are making more progress this time around, heehee. She LOVES greenbeans, bananas, and applesauce. It is so fun to be feeding her solids! I started early this time around, but little Pey Pey has been a head in everything else so far, why not start her early:) She looks super good in light pink and I always put bows on her! She is a sweet baby who is always smiling and giggles like CRAZY at her brother, daddy, and me. I just love it. Hope you all will be at PCBC sunday to see Peyton sporting her Bronco Cheerleading outfit. She is still cheering for them even though they didn't make the superbowl:)