Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Our indoor Playground

Living in Tillamook Oregon is Beautiful!! We are green pretty much ALL year round. I always love flying back into Oregon after being out of state and looking down at the Gorgeous lush green fields. I traveled home from Wyoming a few times with friends and they always told me they felt that when hitting the Portland area all the way to the coast, that they were in a different world because of all the green. One of my friends met her husband and now lives here in Oregon. It has a way of attaching you to itself. With all those wonderful things said, in order to get that beauty...we endure that lovely rain! So...we have to find ways to entertain ourselves on those rainy days. Jason and I got Logan this neat indoor tunnel/tent set for his 2nd Birthday and the lame parents we are, heehee, we just set it up for the first time today(Logan is 3 1/2). He did play with the tunnels off and on over the last year but they house part of the tent intemidated me..........THANK YOU JASON FOR FIGURING IT OUT:) Logan was in totally heaven today.
Then, we adopted a new little exercise machine! Which I am in LOVE WITH! I am such a big fan of this machine!!! Already used it every day that I have had it:):):)
Hopefully our spring/summer weather will arrive soon so we can go outside and get our exercise but for now, we will be entertained:)
Logan is Really good at this! He tells me, "I am going to exercise mommy." Very seriously I must add.

Isn't this so cool? We got it at Costco for like 40 bucks.

These two kids play so well together. Peyton laughs he head off at Logan..just when he enters the tent. It is so cute how much she loves her brother.