Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Potty Time!

Potty training freaks me out. No, seriously. I have never trained anyone or thing to go potty in the correct place before. Never had to train our dog because he was an outdoor dog, plus I was like 5 when we got Bronco, so of course my mom wouldn't have made me do it. Well...when Logan turned 2 1/2 in March, we decided to try the potty thing. Logan freaked out!!!!!!!! He was super scared of the toilet and it just didn't work. So, I decided I didnt' want a battle...I was going to wait for a little bit longer. Keep talking to him a lot the last few months about the potty and he would occasioanlly sit on the toilet here and there.
Well, I decided last week to give it a try again. All day yesterday, Logan went without a diaper, had a few accidents but started to get the idea. Never went on the potty but was sitting on the toilet a lot.
This morning...I am proud to say, Logan went pee pee twice on the toilet!!! I know I have a LONG way a head of me but I am so happy he understood!. He told Dadddy he had to go and he went in and did it.
Anyways....think of me these next few weeks as we do the potty adventure. Honestly, I am doing this all in prayer because I don't know what i am doing:):) I So far what I am doing is working, so we will see if it stays that way!