Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Feeling like a Whale!

So, I am very much at the point of pregnancy that I feel...well...just like a fat cow;) I know all of you pregnant woman felt the same way right at this point of giving birth to your babies...so I know I will get an amen from you all! I am ready to be able to run again after I eat 12 cookies, I am ready to jump out of bed and not feel like I am going to faint or fall over, I am ready to not have to pee every 5 minutes(no seriously...ask Sarah or Jason), I am ready to breath again, I am ready to sleep on my belly again(totally a belly sleeper...pregnancy kind of disturbs that), I am ready to not forget EVERYTHING, and I am ready to..well..in the next few months, wear my pants again:)
As of right now I am dialated at a two and have been having TONS of contractions. Just not any that have put me into full blown labor yet.
I am super ready to give birth to our little lady but I am also kind of hoping she will wait for a little while longer. YES..I KNOW...I am totally going against what I wrote in my first paragraph...but come on...I am pregnant. I can change my mind in five minutes:) One reason is for her lungs...I want her to be totally cooked before she decides to join our family and secondly there is something about the 2nd baby. Not that I am not as a excited to have her join our family as I was when Logan was born 3 years ago, but this time around...I know what to expect. I know that our lives are totally going to change...in every single way. Of course all for the better in deed but the first few months there are a lot of adjustments, lack of sleep, sore nipples, and well...basically...a scary looking Krista roaming around Tillamook. I have never done well with lack of sleep and no routine! I guess I am like a little kid in that way! BUT...at least this time around I know what to expect...I know that I will probably be a little moody for the first few months and I was already appologizing to Jason for it today;) heehee
With all of those things said, I also can't wait for her to join us. I know...I changed it again :) I can't wait to see what our little one looks like...will she look just like her brother? Or will she be totally opposite of him. Will she be a good sleeper? Will she be a good nurser? Will she be chubby like Logan was;) Will she be totally girly like her mommy? Or will she wanna chum with the boys?

Though I feel like a big whale....and I long to meet our little girl...I am cherishing my last couple weeks of normal routine...until we find our new normal routine with baby and a preschooler! Thankfully I have a wonderful husband who will be helping me a long the way;) I am super lucky in that department! I will keep you all updated til our little girl arrives
PS....we decided to wait in deciding on the name til she arrives:)