Friday, January 8, 2010

Such Class!

Last night Jason and I were playing uno with a couple of friends. We had the end of the Championship college football game in the background. I wasn't watching to much because I was busy playing the game. Here and there Myles would say, "Man, Krista did you see that?" I LOVE football but didn't really know either of the teams so I would just kind of smile and say, "yeah."
We were in the middle of a quick game of Uno and all of the sudden this man's voice just stopped us all from playing. The football game had ended and the star quaterback from the losing team was being interviewed. The poor guy had gotten injured early on and missed out on the biggest game of his life. Please watch this video. He had such grace, compassion, and CLASS! Really encouraged me and made me Proud of my brother in Christ! Very inspiring. Click on this:
Colt !