Monday, May 10, 2010

"When I try to live for you, without you"

I have been struggling so much lately with giving things to the Lord. So often, I give him my "junk" and then I take it back and try to take care of it myself. There are so many days that I long for Heaven...where I won't struggle with some many things. There will be no envy, no jealousy, no greed, no bitterness, and no ugly words/thoughts. I was working out this morning and praying, once again for God to just take all of these ugly things out of my mind...that he would just consume me and take it all away. This song came on and it was just amazing timing. It was an answer to prayer and a wonderful reminder of what I struggle with daily. I hope you enjoy these lyrics as much as I.

"Lately I've been busy thinkin'
And this is what's been on my mind
It seems like all I do is work for you, Lord
But I feel empty on the inside

I know that work is an important part
Oh but this is also true
My delimma is an issue of the heart
when I try to live for you, without you

I don't need to try to be
The flawless example
Lifted up for everyone to see
I don't need to stand and shout it
"Hey I've got the answer!"
If your presence is living in me
In a church committee
For the world to know the truth
All I need to do is just be me
Being in love with you

I've been spending all my time
And all my efforts trying
To make you proud of what you see
But to my great surprise
I have realized
nothing that I do can change your love for me."

Big Daddy Weave "Being in Love With You"