Saturday, July 5, 2008

Finger lickin' good BBQ and Scaring the Pee out of ya fireworks!

We had a wonderful Fourth of July! It began with a yummy BBQ at Michael
and Sarah's and ended with FUN fireworks at Grandma Debbies!!
Logan had so much fun playing outside for over 3 hours with his cousins! He was sooooooooo tired afterwards. Then Daddy and Uncle Michael took Logan, Reece, and Collin to an arcade in Rockaway to "play video games," as Logan kept saying, over and over...."wanna play video games??" Yes, they start super young in the Motsinger family!
Laurie got a pic of me 34 weeks prego with Zoey Lenae! Thanks Laurie!
Here are all the Motsinger Cousins!!! Logan is so lucky to live so close to them all!
Daddy and his little shadow, swinging away! Aren't my boys super handsome?
So, Logan really enjoyed the sparklers this year!! He enjoyed the fireworks at first...keep saying, "awesome," "Nice," and, "Cool." But, the fireworks that daddy worked so hard on lighting, scared the PEE out of him eventually. NO JOKE!!!! He was super scared, especially when they made loud popping noises. He had been sitting on Grandma's lap and when she got up...her lap was all wet! Poor little guy. That was only like the 4th accident he has had since he became potty trained....I felt bad for the little guy. I am sure next year he will be right down there by daddy, helping get the fireworks going:)
Hope everyone else had as good of a fourth as we did:):):):):)