Thursday, December 17, 2009

Our Little Monkey and Our Big Fish

So, I have a sneaky and quiet little STINKER in my house. Peyton is sooooooo BUSY...her biggest thing right now is carrying around her little diego chair, putting it up against the couch, or lazy boy and climb up on them. I've tried hiding her chair so that she will just use her stepping stool, but she keeps finding her CHAIR! ECK!
She also loves to PUSH the kitchen table chairs over to the counters and pull out stuff out of my drawers and play with dishes in the sink! I've also caught her trying to climb up our little side table trying to reach our laptop to type some emails to her friends;) So lovely! I am CONSTANTLY pushing the chairs back in, under the table in hopes that she can't move them back out....but she always does;)
At the Doctor's office the other day, she decided to be a MONKEY and climb on the window ledge. I couldn't help but smile at that one.(notices the top picture)
LOGAN has been in swim lessons for 2 months now. He is officially swimming half of his swim lessons without a back pack and his teacher Donna moved him up to the second level class! We are so proud of our Logan and how hard he is working!
OKAY...enough mommy bragging:)