Thursday, May 20, 2010

Moving up in the World.

This is a picture of Logan's last nights sleep in his car bed.
Logan and Jason have been talking about a "new" bed for some time now. We told Logan, as soon as he was ready to get rid of the car bed we would get him a "Loft" bunk bed! Our kid's rooms are sooo small and we knew this would just open up the floor and allow Logan to have more space. So...about 6 weeks ago....Logan told us he was ready to sale his car bed and get his new BED!!! So we put the car bed on craigslist and no joke...45 minutes later a lady in Tillamook called and wanted it. She came and got it the next day. SOOO...the search was on for the RIGHT bed for Logan. Jason did all the looking and he finally found the right bed, 4 weeks later:) We ordered it and were super happy to come home to it at our door stop today!!

LOGAN LOVES IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

First night, fast asleep. (yes my little boy has a shinner *sigh*. Him and sis bonked heads Monday night.)

Peyton loves being up there with Logan too! We just have to keep his door shut when we aren't in there with her. Thankfuly, she doesn't know how to open doors.....yet:):)