Saturday, June 21, 2008

Zoey's Nice

Yesterday morning, I came home from cleaning houses around noon. I came in and my boys were sitting in the livingroom waiting for me! Logan and I then showed Daddy that one of my friends dropped off a baby gift for Zoey! One of the gifts was a cute little stuffed animal that lights up and sings a lullaby. I let Logan cuddle it the night before and he continued to do so that morning. Daddy told Logan, "Logan, that was so nice of Zoey to let you play with her toy, wasn't it?" Logan replys, "Yes, daddy....Zoey's nice....Zoey's not mean....Zoey's not Venom!" The cutest thing ever!!! As you all know, Venom is the black spiderman with the long tongue who tries to hurt the good spiderman! Oh, my Logan....I just can't get enough of him.