Monday, July 28, 2008

Wedding Bells, Waddling Down the Aisle, and "Wing Bear" fun

My flower girl days:) 1987(I think)

On New Years of this last year, I got a phone call from my sweet friend Jackie! She had a super excited tone in her voice....she said,"Josh purposed...and I said yes!! Will you be in my wedding, July 26th, 2008?" I said, "OF COURSE....but....I also have news for you...I will be just about 8 1/2 months pregnant!!" She laughed and got excited and said, "well, we will just have to get you a different dress then the other girls:)!" So..we both got to share exciting and life changin news with each other that day. Jackie did find me the cutest dress that I could have asked for...infact...I think I liked it better then the bridemaid's, heehee.

Now, I have to share a few things leading up to this day. I have only been in three weddings in my entire life....well...three that I actually was walking down the aisle during. One was when I was like 6, I was a flower girl at my Aunt Kim's wedding probably like 1987....Second one was my very own wedding, 2004, and 3rd was my brother's wedding 2006!! I never really thought I would be in very many weddings. I have always been a friend to everyone!!! But, I have really only had a few best friends that would even consider me to be in their wedding. I tease my best friend Amybeth because she was one wedding I knew I would be in and she eloped to Hawaii, lol!!! But I was her bridemaid in spirit;) I have been pregnant for about 8 1/2 months and have been in 2 weddings this pregnancy;) LOL...I really do think it is funny that when I am actually in the weddings, I am waddling down the aisle....truely has been a humbling experience, heehee!

Jackie's wedding was amazing....TOTALLY Christ centered and beautiful! Jackie and Josh love each other so much and are a PERFECT match!!! Logan was priveldged to be asked to be Jackie's ring bear....or "wing bear" as he would say it. Infact the day of the wedding he was hoping his cousin Madison could be a "wing bear" with him. He adores his cousin Maddie. Logan did wonderful....drag the cute little flower girl down the aisle with him...but other then that, he was adoreable and did a great job. Logan isn't even 3 yet!!! I was so proud of him!

Saturday was a special day!!! Jackie has been waiting for her hubby...she has been very picky...she wanted to marry a strong Christian man and she was willing to wait til her perfect match appeared. God is sooo good and he is sooo faithful to those that honor him~ Congrats Jackie...may God bless you with LOTS OF babies and may God continue to work in both you and Josh's lives as I have seen it so much the last couple of years!!!

The sweet couple! They will have beautiful babies!!

Logan, Jackie, and Rachel....Logan isn't even three and Rachel just turned 7...Logan is just a little shorter then Rachel....I have such a tall boy;)
Jackie and I!
Rosanna(Jackie's now sis in law), Me, Logan, and Jessica Powers!