Sunday, May 25, 2008

What a fun weekend!

Well, I am just about 28 weeks pregnant and doing just awesome. Nothing to complain about...everything is going wonderfully! Other then an occasional leg cramp here and there....trully,I am doing wonderfully! I love feeling Zoey moving around like crazy in my tummy. It is fun finally feeling her body parts moving and not just flutters! Just the neatest thing to experience carrying a beautiful little baby!
This weekend we were able to have Jason's sister Laurie stay with us! So, Logan has been totally etertained with his cousins! He just adores Collin and has really taken a lot of interest in Austy this time around! Something that I feel in love with when it came to my Jay Jay.....was that he has this amazing family! Among hundreds of other things that I love about Jason.....his family was this amazing bonus! I just adore every single person in his family. I was raised to always have family a huge priority and Jason was raised that same way. It has been an awesome thing in our marriage! Especially since my little brother moved last August...having Jason's siblings around has been nice to help feel the void of him being gone! I still miss him and Candiss, SOOOO very much! But I do get to see Zachary in about two weeks when he comes home for a wedding and surfing!
We are just so enjoying this wonderful weekend! Jason has 3 days off and we have gotten our garage pretty much cleared out and my wonderful amazing daddy helped Jason put up our garage door opener!!!!!!!!!YIPPY!!!! We just have a nice load to take to Goodwill and my brother is EVENTUALLY going to pick up the couch sitting and waiting in there for him. That is a huge thing for us! Now....all we have left is our yard and fence!(and a special project that I will keep secret til it is done;)) Do I have your curious;)??:)
Anyways...I just wanted to share some pics because I don't have a lot to write about! Enjoy your memorial day weekend!!!!