Thursday, August 27, 2009

Small Town Hero

Doesn't my family live in such a beautiful area? We feel so blessed to be reminded of God's beautiful creation daily!This beautiful Cape of ours holds hidden dangers. Infact, it secretly attracts tourists in by it's beauty and makes them have NO common sense. There are many signs that say....DO NOT ENTER.....or DON'T GO PAST THIS FENCE. But people don't take heed and listen to the warnings. My dad has been the Chapeline fore the search and rescue here in the South County area for some time. Every year my dad gets called in 2-3 times, and is asked to let some family know about the death of their child/or relative. These deaths are due to crossing over this fence. Right when the area looks inviting, people either walk done into the coves or down to the rocks down low. Just when they think it's safe, a huge wave will come and wash them away. Most bodies are never found. They are swept under the rocks and the people either die from drowning, the cold water, or being hit against the rocks. brother was able to save one of these tourists on Tuesday! Read the following article. It is such an awesome God story and we are so happy for the HAPPY ending. Another really cool part is the boy Zach saved, is a Christian. The Lord had his hand in the whole rescueing process! TO GOD BE THE GLORY!!!!!!! ZACH SAVES 17 YEAR OLD YOUNG MAN
I wish that they would put signs up that say.....YOU MAY DIE BY CROSSING THIS FENCE or MANY PEOPLE HAVE DIED BY CROSSING THIS FENCE, DON'T DO IT. Or even put up all the names and crosses of the kids and adults who have lost their lives.
We are so thankful for the outcome of this event....hopefully others will hear the story and not cross over those lines.