Monday, March 8, 2010

My new Hobby! Thank u new years resolution.

Finished book #4 for the year! Nicholas Sparks, "The Last Song." A very good read. I recommend it:):)

Last week I had a fun couponing week. I was able to get in on some amazing deals at Safeway, but is sounds as if I was a little lucky. I was able to go three times last week save tons of money!
All together I spent $40 dollars out of pocket for these big grocery trips.
My first trip I got over $100 dollars worth of groceries for $10 and I was printed out 2 $10 off my next shopping trip coupons-I felt like i made money on that one.
My second trip, I got another $100 dollars worth of groceries for $20 cash and had 2 more $10 off my next shopping trips printed out. (this one felt like I got my stuff for free)
Today I went in and got $120 of groceries for $15 cash and I got 1 $10 off my next shopping trip coupon printed out! So really, I got $320 worth of groceries for $5 dollars once I minus all of my Catalina Coupons! HOW FUN is that?
Then Friday, Jason and I went out to get our new dishwasher!!! Ours kicked the bucket back in Dec. SO I have been hand washing dishes for 2 months...YUCK!!! Anyways, I looked up an Albertsons and went go get a couple of good deals. My favorite was: 20 Betty Crocker Fruit Snack Boxes for a total of $2!!! So 10 cents a box!!:) Well worth the address look up:)
BUT...I believe my FAVORITE of the week was 24 rolls of Charmin' Toilet Paper and 12 rolls of BOUNTY paper towels for the grand total of....drum roll please..............$2.75! Making them $1.38 a piece!!! This is such a fun HOBBY!!!!!!!!