Wednesday, July 22, 2009

All Dried up

FYI this blog may contain TMIF(To Much Information) for some of you. Sorry Dad:) But what do you expect. When I had my ovary removed I loved showing my scare off and if they would have given me my ovary in a plastic ziploc bag for keeps, I probably would have kept that in my purse to show off too:)

It's official! Peyton is officially weaned and I am officially empty! When Peyton turned 11 months I decided it was time! Jason and I get to go away this weekend for our anniversary and my parents will have our kiddos over night for two nights(Heaven help them). I figured that would be a perfect time to set my goal to have Peyton weaned. I, of course didn't wanna try and wean her over this weekend while my parents had her. Could you imagine? They never would have offered to have my kids again! I would have to pawn them off on my poor mother in law instead;)
So I had this routine set out. When I started weaning Peyton, she was nursing like 4- 6 times a day. Totally going through the night without it but she was loving it during the day. So I cut her back to two times a day for a few days and then to one feeding for a few days. My goal was to stop nursing her by the 15th but I ended a couple of days sooner because frankly, it was harder only let her have it one time a day because she wanted it more. I figured the best thing to do was to totally stop all together. So I did. And the next few days were really really hard. Peyton was way fussy over it and not a fan of mommy's "bright idea." And I, of course, was in pain, for various reasons...wink, wink.. And this time around(never experienced this with Logan at all) I had insomnia last week...ALL WEEK LONG. I couldn't fall asleep until like 3 or 4 am in the morning. Thank goodness my friend shared with me that she had the same thing happen when she weaned one of her children and that is was hormomal! PRAISE THE LORD because this Chica is one who needs SAAAALLLEEEP:)
Well today I am officially back to normal....Peyton has adjusted just fine and I am feeling wonderful!! My smaller shirts are even fitting again! A wonderful thing. Weaning Peyton(as it was with Logan) was so hard for me emotionally. It just means she is that much more growing out of the baby stage and soon to be a toodler. At the same time, my freedom is a nice thing as well. I am at a happy medium with it all.