Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Baby shower, Best friend, and Bubbly prego pics!

This weekend was super fun! A few of my AWESOME friends threw me a special baby shower! It really was such a fun time! I have such beautiful and entertaining, family and friends!!! Zoey got lots of wonderful gifts that I am super thankful for! I am for sure feeling way more ready now for this little girl!:) She is going to be dressed soooo darn cute with all the sweet little outfits I recieved;)

I had a wonderful time with my best friend Amybeth! She came down before the shower, and we got some much needed Amybeth and Krista bonding time! Of course, we never get enough anymore, having little ones but I cherish every bit that we get, because it doesnt happen very often!
Then our day ended with my sister in law Laurie taking some 7 month pregnancy pics! Jason and I wanted some good pics of us taken before little Zoey arrives...so Laurie was willing to take a few super sweet pics of us! Thanks Laurie!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Zoey's Nice

Yesterday morning, I came home from cleaning houses around noon. I came in and my boys were sitting in the livingroom waiting for me! Logan and I then showed Daddy that one of my friends dropped off a baby gift for Zoey! One of the gifts was a cute little stuffed animal that lights up and sings a lullaby. I let Logan cuddle it the night before and he continued to do so that morning. Daddy told Logan, "Logan, that was so nice of Zoey to let you play with her toy, wasn't it?" Logan replys, "Yes, daddy....Zoey's nice....Zoey's not mean....Zoey's not Venom!" The cutest thing ever!!! As you all know, Venom is the black spiderman with the long tongue who tries to hurt the good spiderman! Oh, my Logan....I just can't get enough of him.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Happy Daddy's Day!!

Tomorrow is a super special day! Tomorrow we celebrate Daddy’s Day! I for one know of TONS of special daddys out there but I want to write about TWO! Logan and I had fun making cards for his daddy and papa's last night!!! Gotta love finger painting!
First off…Happy Father’s day to my Daddy! I have been blessed with this amazingly Godly, Funny, Super COOL Daddy! My whole life I have been a daddys girl! Totally through and through! I have always had the most respect for my dad and have always wanted to please him! He taught me to mow the lawn, to weed eat, to LOVE the outdoors, to help my mom around the house, to love the Bible, to LOVE the Denver Broncos, To love my God with all my soul, heart, and being, to look for a husband who also Loves Jesus and wants to live for him daily, to realize the importance of being in God’s word daily(though I mess up on that), he taught me to love basketball, volleyball, softball, track, swimming,…shesh…exercise in general. Because of my daddy, I am a strong woman. I am not a wussy little thing that can’t do anything herself. He trained me up to be able to take care of myself but also to allow my husband to do that for me when I got married;) No matter what stupid things I did during my childhood, mainly my Junior year, my dad loved me…let me walk my road but taught me the whole way that Jesus’ way was the better way. He was right…..but he let me figure it out for myself. He let his faith, become my faith….on my own! Never forced it on me!! My Faith is my faith but my dad(and mom) established it in me at a wonderful young age! My dad is also the BESTEST Grandpa that I could ever ask for, for my Logy and will be for my little Zoey! He is always playing with Logan and making Logan feel soooooo special! Now, my mommy was a huge part of a lot of the above too, but I can’t imagine loving or enjoying my life with out my dad in it the last 26 years! He is AWESOME, as Logan would say;)

Now for my second and TOTALLY not second Happy Father’s Day! On July 24, 2004….I married my best friend!!! I loved him and adored him so much on that day!! I was so excited to become Jason David Motsinger’s wife that I could hardly control myself…but everyday since, I have fallen more and more in love with him! Especially the day that Jason became a daddy! Jason is a natural daddy!!!! He is for sure the FUN one of the parents!! He is always playing turtles with Logan, or Spiderman, or Transformers, or basketball, or just about anything…they are always playing together! I love that Jason takes the time to just sit and get to know Logan! What a neat daddy! Logan is totally a Jason…not only by how he looks but by everything he does….other then his stubborn side(he gets that from me sadly). Everyday Logan is more and more like Jason! Last night we were watching the Tigger Movie and Logan sat up to the end of the couch and said to me…. “rub my back mommy.” I said, “ok, little Jason,” Logan giggled! Jason ALWAYS asks me to scratch his back or rub it! It just cracked me up that yet another thing has popped up to remind me that Logan, is soooo his daddy’s;) To finish off my tribute to my Jason….the love of my life and the daddy of my babies…..I just wanted to say that I am honored to carry your little baby right now and I was honored to carry Logan for nine months! This journey of parenthood would be so much harder if I didn’t have you and I am so thankful for how easy you make it for me! I love you!!! Happy Father’s Daddy!!!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Hulk is going to eat our house!

So....my son loves super heros...JUST loves them. Ever since he was abour 1, he has loved Ninja Turtles. Infact, one of his first words, was "turtles." Before we ever found out we were going to be exteremly blessed with a baby boy, Jason bought a TON of Ninja Turtle stuff....of course in hopes of sharing them with his son one day. I remember saying, Jason...what if your son hates turtles....what if they aren't his thing?? Jason said, "Oh, he will love turtles!!!" And Jason was right! Logan has also be obsessed with Spiderman, Black Spiderman, Bumblebee Transformer, the green Goblen, Buzz light year, Spongebob Squarepants, Ducktales....just to name a few! So...we decided that for sure, Logan needed a Super Hero bedroom!!! He wanted one and so...he is getting one;) We just finished painting three walls Spiderman blue and one wall black. LOOKS SOOOOOO GREAT! It is actually my favorite room right now. We just need to add a few posters and we are good to go:)

The reason I am writting about Logan and his love for super heros is because...he also is totally SCARED to death of one of them! That one would be, the Big Green Hulk!!!!! When Logan was 6 months old, Zach(my brother) gave Logan a hulk stuffed animal that screetched when you squeezed it's belly! Serioulsy scared the poopy out of Logan...He got this look on his face of complete horror and screamed his head off. Ever since that day, he has been SCARED of the hulk. There have been lots of commercial latley with the new hulk movie coming out, so it has brought back Logan's fear of the Hulk. He sees the commerical come on and runs to me and covers his eyes! Kind of cute, but I hate that he is sooo scared of him. Logan totally thinks the Hulk is REAL. WE were playing out side the other day and there is a little tiny whole in our foundation of our house....nothing serious:):) But Logan noticed it......He says " Mommy...the Hulk did that." I said, what??? The Hulk did it? He said, Yes mommy...the Hulk did that! The hulk is going to eat our house.!" Where he came up with this, I have NO clue. But that poor little guy thinks that Hulk is out to get us.! He woke up from his nap the other day and ran in my room yelling, the Hulk, the Hulk is in there!!!

We don't want him to be scared of the Hulk. So, we have been telling him the Hulk is pretend and that he is just on tv!!

We let Logan pick out a candy the other day after we recycled our pop cans and he picked the Hulk Air heads!!! He loved it and wanted the Hulk Tatoo on his belly!!! Ever since we put it on his belly, he doesn't seem as scared of the Hulk. Like it protects him:) He still thinks the Hulk is "mean" but thankfully he isn't running in my room thinking the Hulk is going to eat our house:):) Logan....what a cutie pie. I don't know why anyone would not want a little boy! This kid is so entertaining and smart! I just love my daily "Hulk and Spiderman" life with him:)