Monday, February 2, 2015

January and blogging break

I didn't post much in January. Was getting the conviction of talking about "myself" way to much. So I posted- deleted - posted -deleted .

 Here's how our month was:
We have had an amazing winter! 
Logan working on his books of the bible for Awana.

Dropped my iPhone and it didn't like it๐Ÿ˜˜
Been mowing our yard- in the dead of winter because it had been so warm !
Logan's favorite recess thing- four square 
I was a plumber and then Jason had to be a plumber because I did something wrong - lol
Logan started his first year of basketball, that has teams and games, and he is in love!
Peyton created some "frozen" nails
Kind of blurry but Peyton's reading is taking off and she is loving reading to her big brother :) 
More Awana work for this boy!
Pey saved her money up for a really cute frozen watch .
Every once in a while I get a morning off and go enjoy some of Gods creation !
I love Pacific City.
Pey and her super long locks
One of my favorite running views. So lucky to live in the country .
Evening at the beach
Nothing like a little sand between my toes
Making progress in areas of my life because of Jesus and a couple of good friends.
Another amazing running view.
Who needs snow! Sledding in the sand is just as fun and less cold:)
man - I have a nice looking family 
Did I mention I love the beach ??
Oh hey good looking ;)
Logan made it to the 100 point club!!! 

Blessings from the coast