Sunday, October 26, 2014

A little bit of my heritage

I finally found them!! These precious little homemade scripture signs that my grandmother made so long ago. I grew up reading these all along her laundryroom closet. Little did I know how precious these were to her and would one day be to me. My Grandma June could sit and share her life with just about anyone and it would most likely start with coming to Christ in her 20's and finish off with her telling you how she built and designed her home that she currently lives in, so that it has a big open space for a big round table- just so she can host bible studies 2 times a week. The lady just adores gods word and knows the power it has to change lives. And she loves teaching it!
  As an adult, I have learned to cherish his word, just as my grandma and parents have shown me my whole life. 
 I'm so thrilled to put these up in my home and have my kids grow up reading them everyday. What a precious godly heritage to have been passed on.
My grandma and grandpa Sousek- probably very close to the age they were married
Grandma June out reading her bible at my brothers wedding in august❤️

And the award goes to...

Logan Motsinger- voted most improved by his 3rd-4th tackle football team! He jogged up to get his award and with a huge smile on his face, jogged back!  Proud of you bud.